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Halloween Safety Tips

Safety Tips for Your Halloween

halloween caution signReady for Halloween this year? This year’s festivities will be celebrated in a slightly different light than in previous years, as the eastern parts of the United States hope to avoid terrible weather and celebrate the first Halloween since 2010. 2011’s holiday was covered in snow for most, while last year’s holiday was delayed or outright cancelled due to the effects of superstorm Sandy.

As an authority on caution signs and safety, we’d like to refresh your memory and list some important trick-or-treating safety tips.

  • Don’t go out alone. Sure, you might be able to keep the candy all to yourself, but there is safety in numbers.
  • Add reflective tape to costumes and bags to increase visibility to drivers.
  • Accessories (pirate swords, cowboy pistols, princess wands) should be short and soft to avoid injury.
  • Avoid homemade treats and carefully inspect all treats for tampering and choking hazards.
  • Give out healthy treats instead of sugary, high calorie ones.
  • Light a safe path through walking areas and by stairs to reduce chances of trips and falls.

There are plenty more safety tips to practice this Halloween, many of which are practiced everyday. These include safe pedestrian crossing practices, “stranger danger” awareness, and smart eating habits.

If you are hosting a party, offer vegetable plates and low sugar/calorie options so kids don’t overeat candy. Adding some physical activities during the party can liven up the crowd and burn off some of the sugar rush too! Try pinning the nose on the jack-o-lantern or a variation of cornhole where beanbags are tossed into an open, cleaned out pumpkin.

No matter what you end up doing this Halloween, make sure you do three things: 1. have fun, 2. stay safe, 3. be scary.

Happy Halloween!

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